About Darcy Weber

Enthusiasm and a zest for living are two of the driving forces behind Darcy Weber ‘s real estate practice – and her life. She describes herself as a happy and fortunate person, and she brings that positive attitude to everything she undertakes.  Patience – it’s a rare quality in today’s hurry-up world – and a cornerstone of her Northern Virginia real estate practice.

Time and attention are gifts she gives freely – listening while clients share their dreams and goals, then answering their questions and helping them explore their options without pressure.

Darcy is a local – born and raised in Northern Virginia – she attended public schools and graduated in the top 1% of her high school class.  Upon graduation, she attended the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and studied business administration.  After graduating from UNC in 2000, the real learning began.  Like many young people, she tried different careers, and as a result gained invaluable experience in a the areas of Federal Government Contracting, Investments and Financial Services, Program Management, International Business, and Contracts.  During this time she even had her own government contracting company which was granted a facility clearance – she eventually sold the company to pursue real estate on a full-time basis.

Darcy is the type of person who forces herself out of her comfort zone to try something new and she accepts that success and failure are both worthy avenues of personal development.  She knows that ability to take reasonable risk in one’s professional life is the major factor of success and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants.  As such, in 2006 she moved to Costa Rica to capitalize on their booming real estate market.  In her first year she brokered over $1 million in properties, and towards the end of her stint in Costa Rica she was negotiating upwards of $60M in development property.  In 2008, she returned home to Northern Virginia when the global real estate market collapsed.  Darcy still keeps in contact with her friends and business associates in Costa Rica and stays up-to-date on the market conditions in Latin America.

When Darcy returned home, she obtained her Virginia real estate license and the rest is history.

Darcy is a dedicated real estate agent that specializes in providing clients with an unprecedented level of personal attention. This not only ensures that the process of buying or selling a home is seamless, but assures clients walk away with a higher level of satisfaction. Rely on individually tailored services that are based on a foundation of trust and integrity; every partnership is handled with honesty, provides open lines of communication, and presents advice that looks out for your best interests.

When you want an agent who gives freely of her time, attention and expertise, call Darcy Weber.